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More Happy Endings?

In fit of writing procrastination I scanned through my published or soon-to-be-published stories, mostly looking at how they ended. What did I discover? Seven of the stories had unpleasant endings for the protagonist (or ambiguous endings that some readers, I think, would take as unpleasant) although one of those stories would technically be considered a […]

iPad App – Noterize

A few weeks ago I purchased the iPad App Noterize to assist me in editing a novel that is still in draft form. Wow. This is probably the most useful application I have on the iPad. Basically you import a pdf file (from a variety of sources) onto the iPad and can then make markup […]

Reading – Staggered by Content

So a few weeks ago there was a debate on a elist that I am on about the prospects of being able to make a career as a writer of fiction nowadays as opposed to 30-40 years ago. Some people felt that today because there were so many more venues for publishing work that it […]