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    Reprint of “Stone Eater”

    A few years ago I sold my story “Stone Eater” to Abyss and Apex. I was very pleased when they recently decided to include it in their second “best of” anthology! There are print and kindle versions of the anthology available. I’m sharing a table of contents with some really amazing authors (from their blog): “The Last Tower” – CJ Cherryh “How Strange the Starship’s Shudder” – Michael R. Fosburg “Socorro” – S. L. Knapp “Thesaurus (Not a Prehistoric Animal)” – Robert Borski “Emmett, Joey & the Beelz” – Ralph Servush “Snatch Me Another” – Mercurio D. Rivera “The Argument Box” – J. D. Fox “Name Calling” – Celeste Rita…

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    Read Now: Stone Eater

    Delighted to see that my story ‘Stone Eater’ is now available to read at Abyss and Apex, the online magazine of speculative fiction. This fantasy story was one of the first I finished writing after retiring from BioWare. Best of all the story is free to read at the Abyss and Apex website for a few months, after which it will be archived (you need to be a subscriber to read the archives). Please let me know what you think of it! And if you enjoy it tweets and shares will be very much appreciated. This is my second story to see print this year. The first, ‘Touch the Dead’…

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    The Curse of BioWare

    So, I’m not a superstitious person. Absolutely and completely not. Except over the past couple years, since I’ve left BioWare, I have started wondering if somehow my leaving BioWare had brought down the wrath of some foul and overly vengeful Writing deity upon my head. I had even begun to think of it as the ‘Curse of BioWare’. “What are you talking about Brent?” See, I’m about to reveal a terrible secret. One that had made me start to doubt my ability to write. As the months passed, after I had left BioWare, I was fortunate to start selling a fair number of stories. That should have been cause for…

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    Recent Story Sales

    Realized that I hadn’t paired titles with markets for my two recent sales so here goes: I sold my fantasy story ‘Onion Farmer‘ in October to Aoife’s Kiss and my more recent sale to Abyss and Apex is another fantasy story called ‘Stone Eater‘. As always I’ll let you know when these stories are available to be read. In the meantime you might want to check out ‘From the Sea‘ or ‘The Tale of Lady Spite‘, two other, previously published stories of mine, also set in the same fantasy universe as these two new sales.

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    Updates and Stuff and Penguins

    Just some quick updates. Nanowrimo progress going well. I passed 22 000 words today on my Wanderer novel (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see this and this). I’ve also done a lot of reading, probably will toss up some reviews this weekend. As if that’s not enough I’ve serious work on my first Sifteo game. I’m still intending this to be something just for my own kids but we’ll see how it turns out later next year. I might try releasing it to the sifteo store. Also, for those who don’t hang out in Goodreads, I’ve received several cool reviews for some older stories of mine. I…