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    How to Script for Games

    I’ve made an excerpt from my second Lazy Designer game design book free for the next few days. Download it here. This excerpt is about *scripting* and not stripping (there’s been past confusion and disappointment and for the record I’d just like to point out that I know a lot more about scripting than I do stripping). Anyways if you read it and like it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon! p.s. Please remember you don’t need a Kindle to read this! There’s software available to read on your computer/smartphone and so on.

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    Updates and Stuff and Penguins

    Just some quick updates. Nanowrimo progress going well. I passed 22 000 words today on my Wanderer novel (if you don’t know what I’m talking about see this and this). I’ve also done a lot of reading, probably will toss up some reviews this weekend. As if that’s not enough I’ve serious work on my first Sifteo game. I’m still intending this to be something just for my own kids but we’ll see how it turns out later next year. I might try releasing it to the sifteo store. Also, for those who don’t hang out in Goodreads, I’ve received several cool reviews for some older stories of mine. I…

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    Sifteo Early Access Program

    Sifteo is pre-selling test units of their Sifteo blocks. I was about to shell out the money for this but unfortunately they only ship to the United States. If you like new tech and live in the States go check their site out and if you get the blocks let me know what you think of them! I’ll try not to be jealous of you.

  • My Life

    Would somebody I know go work for the Sifteo folks. Please. Thank you.

    Just noticed a couple new job openings for Sifteo. Because I think the whole Sifteo device is so delightful it would be awesome if someone I knew went to work for them. That way I might get free samples and stuff. In case you don’t know the Sifteo blocks are cool little computer gadget-thingys. And I like cool little computer gadget-thingys. There’s a few videos on the Sifteo site if you want to check them out.