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2012 Wrap-up

These stories of mine made their appearance in 2012: “Touch the Dead” On Spec Magazine “Summer Lover” Shroud Magazine “Proof in the Pudding” Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Flush Fiction “The Onion Farmer” Aoife’s Kiss “Stone Eater” Abyss and Apex “Foolish Wishes, Fairly Kisses” NewMyths.com “Nikki 2.3” The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology I wrote about 330 […]

Brent’s Stories Available (So Far) This Year…

So this has been an interesting year for me. I haven’t really kept a tally in previous years but I’m sure 2012 has seen more stories of mine published than in any other year. So far I’ve had six stories appear, with another slotted to be out before the end of the year (and two […]

2011 Wrap-up

Overview So how did I do in 2011, writing-wise? Overall, I was very productive. I had set myself a lower word target goal than I had managed in 2010 (I had anticipated having less writing time) but I actually ended up exceeding that, writing over 430 000 words. About 130 000 of those words were […]

Writing History

I was prompted (after reading a recent post by Brad Torgersen that brought me to an older post by Jay Lake where he discussed his publication history and how he has amassed over a thousand rejections) to put some of my own stats up here. 284 Rejections before first small press sale 397 Rejections before […]