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    127 750 Words

    Another hasty update, still hammering away at finishing the rough draft of the latest novel before I lose the bulk of my writing time for this school year. As the title probably suggests, I am sitting at about 127 750 with 8 chapters remaining to write. Doing the rough maths in my head, and considering that I always overwrite and hence draft 2 will be smaller than the rough draft, I think the final product will be about 140 000 words, which is significantly longer than the first novel in the series. I am tempted to chop the two novels into three, as there’s a fairly natural progression point where…

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    A car combat skirmish game played at a fast and furious pace. Loaded with sweet customizable high quality miniatures. My former BioWare colleague has a Kickstarter for his tabletop car combat game! Check out his Kickstarter page!