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Slaying Dragons… Again

Earlier this year my story ‘Slaying Dragons’ appeared in Plasma Frequency Magazine. It also garnered enough votes to be selected for Plasma Frequency’s first year anthology — reader and editor selected stories. That anthology is now available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. If you’d like a sample of what Plasma has published in […]

Thank you!

It looks like my story “Slaying Dragons” earned enough reader votes to be included in the Year 1 anthology for Plasma Frequency Magazine. Announcement here: http://plasmafrequencymag.com/yearone.html Thanks to everybody who took the time to read the story and vote for it! I very much appreciate it.

Sale: “Slaying Dragons” to Plasma Frequency Magazine

Plasma Frequency Magazine has accepted my story “Slaying Dragons” for publication in an upcoming issue of their magazine! I am not sure which issue it will appear in, but when it is available, I’ll make another post. For now, consider heading over to their current issue and checking out some of the stories. Free downloads […]