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Update on the Prototype

Well I suggested a couple days ago that I would stick to a schedule, for my blog postings and I don’t want to disappoint in the first week. That said, I’m quite far behind for today’s work, so a short update must suffice: I’m only spending a couple hours a week (at best) on the […]

Learning Blender

When I take a rare break from summer vacation fun and writing novel #6, I’ve been continuing work on my game prototype or, to be entirely accurate, I’m learning modeling/texturing and animating and other art details. Basically I need to generate placeholder models in my prototypes and I figured I’d dive into the whole art […]

Lazy Designer Book 2 Rough Draft Complete

So I have finished the rough draft for the second book in the Lazy Designer series. I’m going to take a couple days off from it and get back to some stories that have been pestering me to be written. Editing will start next week. The current length is 46 000 words. The first book […]