• The Lazy Designer

    Brent Returns (Briefly)

    I realize it has been a long time since I’ve last posted here. I cannot really get into the details as to why yet, but my personal life has been rather messed up since January. I’m trying to focus on my kids as much as possible through a challenging time. That said, I intend to release another blog entry on my StarHaul Unity Example game in the next couple weeks and another entry in the Lazy Designer series for my newsletter. I also received a nice review for a recent story of mine (which appeared in On Spec #98) over at SFCrowsnest. Check it out!

  • Writing Resources

    Story Sale: Red Means Go

    Over the summer I sold my story “Red Means Go” to On Spec Magazine. I had planned to reveal this earlier but I like waiting until contracts are signed and all that, so consider this the formal announcement. This is another of my robot stories — I really enjoy writing about robots, probably in part because I’m terrible at building them (yes, I’m not making much progress on my personal robot army). I’m not sure when the story will be published, but I’m guessing not until 2016 (On Spec has another of my stories in the queue, I imagine that will head to print first). This is my seventh story…