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    The Curse of BioWare

    So, I’m not a superstitious person. Absolutely and completely not. Except over the past couple years, since I’ve left BioWare, I have started wondering if somehow my leaving BioWare had brought down the wrath of some foul and overly vengeful Writing deity upon my head. I had even begun to think of it as the ‘Curse of BioWare’. “What are you talking about Brent?” See, I’m about to reveal a terrible secret. One that had made me start to doubt my ability to write. As the months passed, after I had left BioWare, I was fortunate to start selling a fair number of stories. That should have been cause for…

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    Novel progress

    Even though Nanwrimo ended last week I’m still hard at work on the novel (hence my relative online quietness). I passed 92000 words written yesterday. The end is in sight (though the novel will be a tad longer than originally intended). The novel, for those who are unaware is a continuation of the story started in my story ‘The Prophet’ (originally printed in The End of the Days 2 anthology — the story can be read for free at Amazon ).