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“The Monastery” mentioned in Horton summary

Last night I was pleased to see that in his annual summary for “Not One of Us” reviewer extraordinaire Richard Horton mentioned my story “The Monastery” which appeared in Hidden, a special Not One of Us issue that came out early in 2010. He said: From Hidden, I liked Erik Amundsen’s “Strawberry Ghoul”, a matter […]

The Monastery in Not One of Us – Hidden

Each year, between issues of Not One of Us, a special themed issue is created. This year the theme is ‘things that are hidden’ and my story “The Monastery” was included as part of the issue. This is one of my favorite stories and introduces Sabriel, a character who has appeared in several of my […]

The Prophet

My story ‘The Prophet’ is now available in the anthology END OF DAYS: AN APOCALYPTIC ANTHOLOGY VOLUME 2 from Living Dead Press. You can order the anthology directly from Amazon. This story is actually the first (chronologically) in a series of stories featuring Wanderer. The ‘end’ of the series was my first story in print. […]

October has been a good month for the stories

Just a few days before finding out that my Writer’s of the Future submission had qualified as a finalist, I received acceptances to two anthologies. Both anthologies will be available in 2010. When I’m allowed I’ll post details about the markets and stories (one is a fantasy story set in the same universe as The […]