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    Vacation – Legoland

    We recently returned from a vacation to San Diego and I figured I’d give a quick overview of our vacation — broken across a couple posts as I’m super busy, catching up on what I’ve missed while I was away. We spent about half our time at Legoland and the rest in downtown San Diego, visiting SeaWorld and the zoo, as well as walking the downtown area. This post will primarily focus on Legoland itself. First Flights This was our youngest kid’s first flight, so that was part of the incentive of going… to give him the chance to be on a plane a few times. Since we had to…

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    Not Another Lego Picture

    Still no real news to report so here’s a bit of a status update. First, progress on the Lazy Designer Book 3 is slow. And it has decided to reproduce. This is the book on gameplay and it seems that I have more to say on the subject than I initially imagined. I have almost reached the 80 000 word mark on it (book 2 was about 50 000). Given the size of this book I am going to split off the section on story/character (which was intended to be part of this volume) into its own book (becoming book 4 of the Lazy Designer series). My intent is to…

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    Trains, Trains, Trains

    Yep, this is what I’ve been up to lately. The kids love the new Lego train set and I’ve been buying too many accessories for it. Well, okay, I’m doing a bit more than just playing with trains. Mostly I’ve been writing, editing, writing. I wrote rough drafts for several stories last summer and I’m rewriting them and sending them off to editors. I’m also editing novel#4 so I can send it out later in the year. I’m also preparing some notes for the third book in the Lazy Designer series based on feedback on the first two volumes, available here and here.

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    Lego Games on iPod and iPad

    Our sons (3 and 5 years old) are playing more and more with Lego, which pleases me greatly as I was a Lego kid growing up. Being a hoarder I kept most of my old Lego as well we have bought several newer sets for the kids. In the last couple months the two of them have started to show more interest in the Lego than simply playing with the vehicles and sets we assemble for them. Now they are starting to build their own things… which is awesome. The other night I decided to check the Apps store on the iPad to see if they had any interesting Lego…