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Question and Answer over on Goodreads

Today some fine folks over at Goodreads have invited me to a question and answer. Users have been adding questions for about a week and I’m trying to finish off replying to them all today. If you’d like to see what people are asking about and my responses, check it out: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1946103-featured-author-discussion—brent-knowles—august-20? And if you […]

Interview with me has gone live at Blogcritics

If you are absolutely dying to know more about me I recently did an interview over at Blogcritics. http://blogcritics.org/scitech/article/an-interview-with-brent-knowles-writer/ I have to admit being called an emperor does good things for my ego.

My First Interview?

Stumbled across this interview with me over at IGN. I’m not entirely sure if this is my absolute first interview as a designer with BioWare but I think it is. One of the cool things with BioWare is that they tried to make sure everybody, especially in the early days, had a shot at doing […]