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More reasons I like my iPod Touch

I don’t own a cell phone. Have only had one, once, and for a very short span of time and doubt I’ll ever own one again. I don’t understand people walking, driving, and standing at counters, talking and texting away on their little devices. In truth, I find it annoying. But… I consider myself a […]


This is just an observational post based my own experiences. I’m posting because I’m still surprised by the outrage against the move towards fairer and more all-encompassing healthcare in the United States. I really can’t wrap my mind around why people object to it, and so strongly. Our family’s most recent ‘medical’ incident was that […]

Canada – Health Care

Is Free Medicine, Good Medicine? Until this last week I would have strongly defended the benefits of the Canadian Health Care system (versus the horror stories I hear about what occurs south of the border). I think, that’s because, I seldom have to use it. Before I go further, this will not a criticism of […]