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Empire Avenue – Stop me from Selling you. Please.

I spoke a while back about why I sell people on Empire Avenue. Now that the game has matured I’m trying to adopt a bit more casual of a gameplay style… still want to make the big bucks but want to focus my time on producing content rather than winning the game. To achieve that […]

Guilt based motivation

Engaging consumers — whether they be readers, viewers, or application users — is always a tricky business. One underutilized tool that I touched on in a previous post is guilt. I’ll go into some more detail here in a more general manner (the other post was specific to games). Guilt is a prime motivator of […]

Creating Emotion in Games – Guilt as Gameplay Mechanic

The Day My Horse Died There’s a drive from several studios in the videogames industry to start building emotional experiences, hoping to hook player’s into storylines and franchises by using more sophisticated storytelling methods. Many of these, like the detailed movie-eque conversation systems that the Mass Effect franchise use have achieved significant strides in this […]