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    Console vs PC?

    I don’t think I’ve spoken much about how I play games on this blog beyond mentioning that I strongly disliked the previous xbox and that mostly we play PS3 games (with a bit of Wii mixed in). At one point I was not playing any games on the PC anymore. Over the past couple years things have slowly started to shift. I started using Steam again and purchasing more games. Then our xbox finally died. When I carted off all the games I had owned for it and its predecessor, I became rather pissed. We owned some fun games and with the console’s demise I knew I would never be…

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    A car combat skirmish game played at a fast and furious pace. Loaded with sweet customizable high quality miniatures. My former BioWare colleague has a Kickstarter for his tabletop car combat game! Check out his Kickstarter page!

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    Videogame Franchises… the slow death?

    Over at IGN games there is an editorial discussing whether franchises are killing videogames. It is an interesting discussion, the idea that as gaming companies become more conservative and focus on ‘tried and true’ franchises, they stifle creativity. There’s some measure of truth to that and I do agree that franchises drown out ‘shelf and mind space’ for smaller game company products but it is certainly not true that franchises are bad in and of themselves. Some great games never hit their stride until the second or third, or further installment in the series (Grand Theft, for example). Improving or iterating a franchise can inject a great deal of creativity……