• The Lazy Designer

    Getting Feedback

    Overview I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while (since I wrote the How to Give Feedback post) but a recent discussion on a writing list decided the issue for me. The writers were talking about the feedback they have received from editors (re: rejection letters) and how sometimes they would receive contradictory advice. i.e., story goes to Editor A and they say Great plot but your characters were uninteresting. Please don’t send us stories anymore. And then the same story is sent to another Editor Brilliant characterization, I really cared about John, Jane, and Apple, but your plot… it wasn’t there. Sorry. Try again. Yep, people have…

  • Website

    Feedback on new look

    The theme I’m using here (the erudite) is quite different from the one I use over on the yourothermind.com site. Please let me know if you like it or would like for me to try something different. This site should also work nicely on the iPhone and other devices thanks to the wordpress plugin wptouch. I will be importing all my gaming and writing posts from the other site after I’ve had the chance to finish setting things up.

  • Second Project,  The Lazy Designer

    The Lazy Designer: Providing Useful Feedback

    “How to Submit Feedback that Will Make it into the Game and not the Recycling Bin” Feedback (re: bug reports, user analysis, critiques) is essential for many creative endeavors, from writing stories or making movies or designing games. Even the most talented game designer benefits from seeing her product through the eyes of a potential consumer. Knowing how to provide great feedback is essential for a designer, preparing them for when they must solicit feedback and respond to it. Feedback in this section refers to subjective analysis of gameplay, interface, story, et cetera. More straight forward bug reporting will be described elsewhere. Consider this example: Your interface sucks more than…