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Brent’s Stories Available (So Far) This Year…

So this has been an interesting year for me. I haven’t really kept a tally in previous years but I’m sure 2012 has seen more stories of mine published than in any other year. So far I’ve had six stories appear, with another slotted to be out before the end of the year (and two […]

iPad App – Noterize

A few weeks ago I purchased the iPad App Noterize to assist me in editing a novel that is still in draft form. Wow. This is probably the most useful application I have on the iPad. Basically you import a pdf file (from a variety of sources) onto the iPad and can then make markup […]


(Click on image for non-blurry) The editbar is available from any note and has find, replace, and other several editing features (spellchecking, grammar watch, and more). Editbar What does it do? How To Use It Press Ctrl + F to open it. The user can immediately enter text and press enter to initiate a find […]