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Read this Week

Read On Spec #82 this week; I’ve been slow to catch up on my magazine subscriptions because I’ve been reading some ‘research novels’. A strong issue, as always, with several interesting stories and really cool cover. And just as I finish it issue #83 arrives! Which was also a delight because at the end of […]

‘Touch the Dead’ sells to On Spec Magazine

Just signed and sent the contract to On Spec. This is the sale that I mentioned a couple weeks ago on Twitter and is my third to On Spec. I am super excited for a variety of reasons. As most readers know I’m a huge fan of On Spec and was eagerly waiting their response […]

Codename: Defeating

Okay so I’ve started writing the ‘second novel’, which from now on will be referred to as Defeating. This novel is different in several ways from the ‘first novel’ (Ice Onion) which I’m currently revising with the intent to submit to published in early August. Defeating is an action adventure urban fantasy, that is a […]