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Lazy Designer – Changing Designer Data

Overview This post is a bit of an addendum for an earlier post (Data and Resource Generation) which talked about ways to organize the data needs for a game. Role-playing games are data intensive. In my career I’ve worked at two different extremes, in regards to how game data is organized and edited by designers. […]

Data and Resource Generation

There are many ways to organize game data. This section discusses some that have worked well for me in the past. Warning – technical game post. If you’re here for writing stuff only, run now. Overview Games are made of many things. There is the data — creature 3d models, textures, area maps, dialog files, […]

Backing up your data

I have a somewhat elaborate backup system that I use to make sure my writing, code and photographs are backed up regularly but I realized my process is fairly specific to my workflow and a bit complicated. So I decided against posting. So, simply consider this as a reminder to make sure you have a […]

Best Mouse Ever

So a couple posts ago I talked about going back to being ‘wired’ and loving it and I just discovered a secondary benefit of my ‘great technological push backwards’… my new (cheap) mouse doesn’t have a back button. I am delighted. I can’t count the number of times I accidentally pressed the back button on […]