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Bone Dreaming Illustration

Just noticed today that the artist Karl Nordman has posted the illustration he created that will accompany my story ‘Bone Dreaming’ when it appears in Darwin’s Evolutions. If you want to check it out head on over to his site and take a look.

Darwin’s Evolutions – Short Stories for Digital Devices

Just a reminder for those of you who are interested in short fiction for the Kindle and other devices to check out Darwin’s Evolutions blog where new story releases are announced. I’m not exactly sure when my story ‘Bone Dreaming’ (which I sold to Darwin’s not long ago) will be released but while you wait, […]

Bone Dreaming to Darwin’s Evolutions

I’ve sold my dark fantasy “Bone Dreaming” To Darwin’s Evolutions. The current table of contents in-progress is in Darwin’s latest blog post. Very pleased that this tale will be seeing publication as it is the ‘origin story’ of one of my favorite fantasy characters. This tale is set in the same world as The Tale […]