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Bad Dad

My 4yr old (formerly known as the 3yr old) really likes Boba Fett. And I have a Boba Fett that is still in its package which really pisses him off. So I *accidentally* placed Boba a little bit out of reach. This created about an hour of fun for me…

Look What I Got For Christmas

This is the starship I always wanted as a kid and now after 25+ year I finally have it. Well, kind of. Technically I bought this for myself last spring but was overruled by the Council and had to set it aside to be used as a Christmas gift for the 6yr old. So it […]

Boba Fett has arrived

Did I ever tell you I really really really wanted a Boba Fett action figure when I was a kid? Well I did. My cousin had one but he lost it in a lake. Which was rather careless of him. What’s the point of this post? Today my very own Boba Fett figure has arrived […]