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    Reprint of “Stone Eater”

    A few years ago I sold my story “Stone Eater” to Abyss and Apex. I was very pleased when they recently decided to include it in their second “best of” anthology! There are print and kindle versions of the anthology available. I’m sharing a table of contents with some really amazing authors (from their blog): “The Last Tower” – CJ Cherryh “How Strange the Starship’s Shudder” – Michael R. Fosburg “Socorro” – S. L. Knapp “Thesaurus (Not a Prehistoric Animal)” – Robert Borski “Emmett, Joey & the Beelz” – Ralph Servush “Snatch Me Another” – Mercurio D. Rivera “The Argument Box” – J. D. Fox “Name Calling” – Celeste Rita…

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    2014 Year in Review

    I sold three stories this year. (The first two can be read online, for free, if you are so inclined.) “Some We Eat and Some We Keep” to Robot and Raygun “Her Robot Babies” to Perihelion “Red Means Go” to On Spec Magazine (forthcoming) Recently I also learned that my short story ‘Digital Rights’, which was published several years ago after winning the Writers of the Future contest, now has an audio version courtesy of StarShipSofa! You can listen here (the story is towards the end of the podcast). Word Count I set a goal to write 130 000 words in 2014 (which was quite low compared to past years…

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    Another Novel Finished

    Yesterday I completed the first draft for my latest novel. No title exists yet so I’ve just been calling it the ‘Blue Bay’ novel to this point. At 158 000 words, I believe this is my longest first draft (aside from another novel that I have since discarded). I’ve been writing the novel since August of this year, at least a few hundred words every day, but the planning for it started a couple years ago. Overall I’m pleased but I’ve definitely noticed major errors, while writing, that will need to be addressed before I can begin the editing phase. (I generally do not make corrections while writing the first…

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    Story Sale: Red Means Go

    Over the summer I sold my story “Red Means Go” to On Spec Magazine. I had planned to reveal this earlier but I like waiting until contracts are signed and all that, so consider this the formal announcement. This is another of my robot stories — I really enjoy writing about robots, probably in part because I’m terrible at building them (yes, I’m not making much progress on my personal robot army). I’m not sure when the story will be published, but I’m guessing not until 2016 (On Spec has another of my stories in the queue, I imagine that will head to print first). This is my seventh story…

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    My Fiction Site

    Because I like to fiddle I’ve rolled out a new fiction site — a showcase of my published work. It now supports reviews and excerpts too. fiction.brentknowles.com Unlike past sites, I’ve built myself an admin page to easily add projects. Because it is really only a couple php and json files I imagine it could be used by others, once I cleaned things up a bit. Let me know if you might be interested and I’ll try to help you set it up now (manually) or prioritize building a setup script for my next month’s sprint/workload. You can explore some rough documentation at: YourOtherMind GitHub Reminders Fun stuff is starting…

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    Newsletter Woes

    Once again I’ve migrated my newsletter. Most readers have been moved over to it. However there are a few users who signed up to previous versions of the newsletter that weren’t on that list. If you did NOT receive a recent Newsletter mailing from me, then you are not signed up. Head over here to enroll. Why? Well in the near future (i.e., once my newsletter’s subscription base grows a tiny bit more) I’m going to start serializing book 1 of the Lazy Designer via the list. Basically the entire book will be doled out in segments over the next couple months, hopefully with a bit of an update. Also…

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    Question and Answer over on Goodreads

    Today some fine folks over at Goodreads have invited me to a question and answer. Users have been adding questions for about a week and I’m trying to finish off replying to them all today. If you’d like to see what people are asking about and my responses, check it out: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1946103-featured-author-discussion—brent-knowles—august-20? And if you have a writing related question or two, ask away.

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    Read: “Her Robot Babies”

    My short story “Her Robot Babies” is now available over at Perihelion Magazine. You can read it for free here: http://www.perihelionsf.com/1408/fiction_3.htm This is my second story that I’ve sold to Perihelion and I’m delighted to be appearing there again! Definitely encourage you to check out some of the other stories available. For those of you who need a bit of a teaser, here’s the opening: “At night we stuff our babies inside microwave ovens.”

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    Robots for the Win

    I’m pleased to announce that Perihelion magazine has purchased my story “Her Robot Babies” to appear in an upcoming issue of their science fiction magazine. I have written a few stories with robots as protagonists, but in “Her Robot Babies” I delve a lot more into how a robot-only society might function. I am thrilled that the story will be available to read sometime in August. And if you can’t wait, head over to Perihelion and check out their latest offerings — all free to read. (I have also sold another story with a robot protagonist living in an equally odd — but quite different — robot society, but I’m…

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    Contributor copies On Spec #96!

    My contributor copies for my story “Sin and Toil” have arrived! This is my fifth published story in On Spec. My previous stories include: A Ragman’s Vow, From the Sea, Touch the Dead, and A Terrible Loyalty. There’s already a bit of a review (though more commentary, I suppose) over at Apex Magazine, on “Sin and Toil”. Update We had a bit of a sump pump malfunction so that last couple weeks have not been as productive as I would have liked. I’m nearly ready to deploy the complete Lazy Designer series to those who have purchased it from my direct buy site. Hopefully this week. A couple weeks after…