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Better comments system?

I’m noticing a lot of the blogs I read are using more sophisticated comments systems than the default WordPress one I am using. Is there a standard emerging? Or close to a standard that I should be considering to use here instead of the default? Or if no standard what are your favorites and why? […]

Reading Content

The web is full of wonderful, amusing, and interesting information and discussion. Sometimes though it can be a bit overwhelming, especially to newcomers who are just starting to get the hang of twitter, blogging and such. I use two tools to help organize the content I enjoy reading. The first is Google Reader which I’ve […]

Should have taken a screenshot

I have a fake site ( to support one of my unsold stories. Anyways the other day I went there and noticed that all the Google ads were in Italian! (Probably because of the verbi part, I guess?) But whenever I’ve went there since then I haven’t been able to see that. I didn’t realize […]

Inline Links?

I’ve stumbled across a few recent discussions, mostly on twitter, with people commenting that they don’t like inline links inside of blog posts. So I went and did some snooping, finding a couple blogs talking about it. Basically some people find the inline links distracting. Other people don’t have a problem with them. What are […]

Website tweaks

Made a few changes to the theme I’m using on this site. Let me know if you like ’em or not. 1. Added a comment count on the main screen so it is easy to see which posts have had activity 2. Posts older than a day or so will have ads appear in them […]

Feedback on new look

The theme I’m using here (the erudite) is quite different from the one I use over on the site. Please let me know if you like it or would like for me to try something different. This site should also work nicely on the iPhone and other devices thanks to the wordpress plugin wptouch. […]