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Reviews for Nikki 2.3

My story ‘Nikki 2.3’, currently available at The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology, has had a couple of reviews come in. Most recently, there’s a positive review from Sam Tomaino at SFRevu: “Our narrator here, is also “female”, a sexbot A.I. that is stuck in a computer, abandoned by he boss, HotDawg. She finds a way […]

Read this month

Yesterday I wrote a bit about not writing reviews anymore. But I still definitely want to hightlight *what* I am reading and since I’m busy packing up books right now I figured I should mention some work I’ve recently read before it disappears into a cardboard void. I had a backlog of unread On Spec […]

Read this Week

As part of my heroic attempts to wrestle my to-read pile into submission I’ve finally gotten around to reading ‘Rage of the Behemoth‘ from Rogue Blade. Overall this is a fun read! Some of the stories in the anthology were really first-rate, full of heroic action adventure. I’ll be looking eagerly for more stories from […]

Read This Week

Finished reading Murky Depths #11. Always a good magazine… loads of artwork throughout complementing the superb stories. My favorite story this time around is probably ‘Heart of Clay’ by DK Thompson… I really enjoy the writer’s weird world of ghost detectives and golems.

Read Again: On Spec #81

I don’t often reread anything because I have such a back log of unread books and stories but one story has been stuck in my head for a while and I checked it out again. The issue is On Spec #81 and the story is Greg Wilson’s Still. I mentioned it a while back. Anyways […]

Read this week

Warrior Wisewoman #3 Edited by Roby James This is an annual anthology of stories featuring women protagonists. This is the first volume of the series I’ve read but after reading it I’m going to pick up the others. A range of stories… most of them I liked, some of them quite a bit. My favorites? […]

Review Black Gate Magazine on the iPad

I promised the Black Gate folks a review of the pdf version of Black Gate #14 and with all the excitement this summer it took me longer to read it than I had intended. Many apologies for the lateness of this. Earlier in the year I changed my print subscription to Black Gate into an […]

Read this Week – The Assault on Reason

Finished reading The Assault on Reason by Al Gore. Overall I enjoyed this book. I know very little about the United State’s system of government and I thought this a good primer, though probably biased a little. But Mr. Gore’s reasoning behind what he feels were the intentions of the Founders and why they wrote […]

Review Present at the Future

Present at the Future by Ira Flatow was a book I saw recommended by several sci-fi authors as being a nice overview of some of the big topics in science in the last couple decades (cloning, string theory, nanotech and such). Overall I enjoyed it… a nice idea fest. Many topics I’ve been exposed to […]

On Spec #80 Review

Another one of my quick reviews. Just finished the latest On Spec (a great magazine and I’m not just saying that because I’ve had a couple stories published in it or because it is produced here in Edmonton… I’ve been a subscriber for many years). This issue we have: A Thousand by Leah Bobet This […]