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My First Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter landing page for Raiders of the Serpent Sea is now live. This is my first time running a Kickstarter but the fine folks over at Arcanum Worlds and Modiphius Entertainment are providing me with lots of support. We are going to wait a bit before actually pressing that exciting Launch button. Please head over there and ask to be notified when we do launch.

Between then and now expect the player’s guide to be available to download soon! I will let all of you know once it is available. And if you don’t want to wait for new content, check out the map preview. You have the power to reveal more of that in the meantime.

I do hope all of you are doing well and I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue showing you more of Grimnir!

And… in related news, I was excited to see Minsc and Boo’s Journal of Villainy available for purchase! Proceeds go to Extra Life, so I encourage you to check it out. It was a lot of fun working on stat blocks for some old favorites and I’m hoping you all get a kick out of using some of these villains in your own campaigns!

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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