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Last month I had the opportunity to take my kids on a week-long vacation to Iceland. I have long wanted to visit the country but was waiting till my kids were old enough to enjoy the experience.

And what an experience it was! We only explored a very small portion of the country but enjoyed (almost) every moment of it.

We were home-based in the Reykjavik area and visited most of the nearby popular tourist sites. I spent a lot of time driving us around the south-western portion, exploring ice caves, volcanoes, and visiting Heimaey (I don’t advise taking the ferry over during rough weather — my kids and I never quite found our sea legs). The island was really cool to explore though despite being hit by a late winter storm while we were there.

In non-vacation news, I’m settling into my role as the Technical Lead for the Centre for Innovative Media at NAIT. We are working on several interesting projects spanning machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Definitely a different experience than any I had in the video games industry but certainly building on the skills and experience I have acquired.

(Also, my last project at Beamdog was announced a couple months ago: Axis & Allies Online! This is an incredibly fun game to play and I’m excited for it to be released)

Anyways,I’ll end with a few pictures from our trip:


View from our house on the island

The three of us slept in this cozy little house

An Ice Cave

Outside the Blue Lagoon

Anyone know the significance of this?

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