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Reprint of “Stone Eater”

A few years ago I sold my story “Stone Eater” to Abyss and Apex. I was very pleased when they recently decided to include it in their second “best of” anthology!

There are print and kindle versions of the anthology available.

I’m sharing a table of contents with some really amazing authors (from their blog):
“The Last Tower” – CJ Cherryh
“How Strange the Starship’s Shudder” – Michael R. Fosburg
“Socorro” – S. L. Knapp
“Thesaurus (Not a Prehistoric Animal)” – Robert Borski
“Emmett, Joey & the Beelz” – Ralph Servush
“Snatch Me Another” – Mercurio D. Rivera
“The Argument Box” – J. D. Fox
“Name Calling” – Celeste Rita Baker
“Oblivion” – Yilin Wang
“Anything Chocolate” – Caren Gusoff Sumpiton
“Sunlight” – Kelly Dwyer
“Humboldt Squid” – Linda Neuer
“Dreadnought Under Ice” – George S. Walker
“New Worlds” – Alexandra Seidel
“Stone Eater” – Brent Knowles
“The Wizard and the Sorceress” – Christopher Vera
“The Dwarf Femme and the Dragon” – Charie’ Craig
“Letter Found …” – Marie Brennan
“Mirror Girl” – Paul Carlson
“Coupling” – Ken Poyer
“Bots D’Amor” – Cat Rambo
“The Coin Whisperer” – Sarah Hendrix
“Bumbershoot” – Howard V Hendrix
“All the Wonder in the World” – Lavie Tidhar
‘The Specialist” – Andrew Kaye
“Prayer Causes Stars” – Greg Beatty
“The Halo Wave” – Lael Salaets
“In The Bag” – Tabitha St. Germain
“In the End, Basking in Love” – A. B. S. Dudevant
“To the End of Days” – Robert Silverberg

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