• The Lazy Designer

    Designer Checklists

    Ages ago I bought a book called “The Writer’s Book of Checklists” by Scott Edelstein. This was a reference manual for aspiring writers, with everything they needed to know summarized in handy checklists. For whatever reason the checklist format has always been appealing to me. As part of my efforts to create secondary, bonus content to encourage readers to consider purchasing the Lazy Designer directly from me, I decided it would be [fun|exciting|worthwhile] to create my own set of checklists for the Lazy Designer. At the end of this point is the first third of the list. I’ll add the others in later posts. If you would like the full…

  • My Life

    Slender Man

    The other day my eldest came home and went on and on about a new game of tag they were playing at school. They called it “Slender Man Tag” and as he detailed all the weird rules they had created for it, I have to admit to no small amount of confusion. I had no idea what a Slender Man was or why kids would play a tag variant based on it. So, after assuring him that the game sounded absolutely fun, I scurried to the Internet. ( Wikipedia is my friend.) I learned that Slender Man is an Internet meme about a tall, spooky looking dude who has cropped…

  • Writing Resources

    Contributor copies On Spec #96!

    My contributor copies for my story “Sin and Toil” have arrived! This is my fifth published story in On Spec. My previous stories include: A Ragman’s Vow, From the Sea, Touch the Dead, and A Terrible Loyalty. There’s already a bit of a review (though more commentary, I suppose) over at Apex Magazine, on “Sin and Toil”. Update We had a bit of a sump pump malfunction so that last couple weeks have not been as productive as I would have liked. I’m nearly ready to deploy the complete Lazy Designer series to those who have purchased it from my direct buy site. Hopefully this week. A couple weeks after…

  • Writing Resources

    Some We Eat and Some We Keep

    As I mentioned earlier, my story “Some We Eat and Some We Keep” was published earlier this year in the second issue of Robot and Raygun. The issue can be purchased via Amazon. However, if you just want to read my story, it is now available as a free read on the Robot and Raygun website. The link will take you to the story — the other parts are available as links at the end of the first part. Let me know what you think.