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Who is Brent Knowles?

Because I really didn’t want to write a blog post today, I present you with a host of links to old interviews I’ve given instead. Most of these took place while I worked for BioWare — and many of them are Dragon Age: Origins related. A few concern my writing endeavors.

(Also, several of these are not in English.)

“Interview – An Interview With Brent Knowles: Writer, Video Game Developer” — Blogcritics, 2011

“Interview – Baldur’s Gate II” — IGN, 2000

“Interview – Brent at Diabolical Plots” — Diabolical Plots, 2011

“Interview – Dragon Age” — Eurogamer, 2008

“Interview – Dragon Age” — Jeuxvideo, 2008

“Interview – Dragon Age” — onlinewelten, 2008

“Interview – Dragon Age” — Videogamer, 2008

It was somewhat sad going through this last as almost half of the sites that had previously hosted interviews with me have vanished! Anyways, if you have any questions you want to throw my way, post them here and I’ll try to respond.