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    Garden Stuff

    Along with a busy summer spent writing, working on the game prototype, and hanging out with the kids, I’ve also done a bit of gardening. I’m rather new to this, but I’ve been pleased with the results from the small raised garden I built. We’ve eaten loads of peas and lettuce so far and have harvested a few zucchini (which I haven’t grown before). Here’s some pics. And of the garden, itself:

  • My Life


    I am not a baker. I’m a fairly decent cook, but the whole baking side of the equation, usually leads to tears. I’m even worse at decorating cakes. But every year, on my wife’s birthday, I bake a cake. I’m fairly certain I haven’t missed any… I remember once even bringing all the ingredients with us on a road trip and making sure we got a kitchenette at the hotel we stayed in on her birthday so I could bake an approximation of a cake. Most years I’m not brave enough to post pictures of my lop-sided, cracked icing, monstrosities, but this year’s red velvet cake ended up looking better…

  • The Lazy Designer


    I hate waiting. What I’ve enjoyed best with working on the game prototype is that I’m seeing immediate results. This is important to me. The problem with the whole writing career thing, is that it involves plenty of waiting. Waiting for editors or agents to reply, waiting for accepted stories to appear (and sometimes, after a few years, finding out the magazine that bought them has folded), waiting for money and contributor copies to be sent to me (and sometimes having to follow up to get these things). Then there are the missed replies — stories/novels rejected without my receiving a reply and time spent waiting and never receiving the…

  • Writing Resources

    Lazy on Kobo too

    Just another reminder that the first two Lazy Designer books are also available for Kobo devices (for those of you who have those devices instead of Kindles). Lazy Designer Book 1: How to Start a Career in Game Design Lazy Designer Book 2: Making the Next Game

  • Writing Resources

    Thank you!

    It looks like my story “Slaying Dragons” earned enough reader votes to be included in the Year 1 anthology for Plasma Frequency Magazine. Announcement here: http://plasmafrequencymag.com/yearone.html Thanks to everybody who took the time to read the story and vote for it! I very much appreciate it.

  • Writing Resources

    Review for “A Terrible Loyalty”

    Noticed the first review for my latest story in On Spec Magazine. As the title suggests, a story of friendship and loyalty in hostile circumstances, the circumstances being the world we live in and the government we live under. A relatively luke warm review, I suppose, from Lois Tilton at Locus, but I’m always pleased to see my work being read by others. You can read the full review over at Locus.