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    Black Gate

    If you are looking for an interesting and somewhat eclectic blog to follow, Black Gate Magazine has several regular contributors and covers a range of gaming and speculative related subjects. Black Gate has also started to offer some fiction for free, and these are announced in the blog. Recent entries include: A Slew of Old D&D (and AD&D) Books Now Available Digitally Game Over? Atari’s U.S. Operations File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Adventure on Film: Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

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    Duotrope MarketList Replacement

    Duotrope, a website for finding places to send stories and novels, recently decided to move access to their core functionality behind a paywall. The reasons for this are explained on their site. To replace the loss of Duotrope for the casual user, Diabolical Plots (who have a good write-up on the situation) have decided to introduce a new marketlist/submission system, which they call the Submission Grinder. I have played around with this new tool and though it is in early stages, it is functional, with a submission tracking system in place and many writing markets available. Of course it will only continue to grow with use, and requires more writers…

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    Update and a Happy New Year

    Belated Happy New Year! The reason for the delay is that I’ve been busy with family stuff over the holidays and a new programming project that I’ve been working on. Generally, to relax, I tend to write software whenever I take a bit of a break from writing. Yeah, I’m that weird. Anyways, I just want to thank everybody out there who has taken the time to read the stories I’ve had published recently. I really appreciate this (and if you missed any, check out this list). I also want to thank everybody who has bought copies of my Lazy Designer game design books. As some of you know these…