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NewMyths.com #21 Available

While taking a break I noticed that Issue #21 over at NewMyths.com is now available.

This is the fifth anniversary of the free online magazine and my story “Foolish Wishes, Fairy Kisses” is in it! There’s also a bio page for each author where you can learn a bit more about us (read mine here).

It doesn’t appear that the story page itself has a commenting section but if you’d like, feel free to post a comment here.

The full table of contents is:

The Desert of Trees by Matthew Bennardo
The Last Listener by Eric Cline
Foolish Wishes, Fairy Kisses by Brent Knowles
God’s Plan for the Lunar Colony by Nicholas Whitley

At the Mercy of the Heavens by Peter Jekel
Defining the Myths and Legends of the Holy Grail by Norman Rubin
The Arthurian Cycle by Norman Rubin

Running for the Ship by Bruce Boston
1492 by Gary Every
Manic is the Dark Night by Michael Lee Johnson
Gil Dreamt About Zombies and Women by Michaelsun Knapp

Mermaid by Fiona Meng

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