• Writing Resources

    Nikki 2.3 is alive!

    Well, maybe not alive exactly, but my story, ‘Nikki 2.3’ is available to read, for free, over at The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology. Do check it out (and the other stories in the “Hello World” issue of the Journal). A warning though: this story may or may not contain adult content (depending on your definition of adult content).

  • Empire Avenue

    Got GamrCred?

    The team who created Empire Avenue have launced a new sister site, oriented towards gamers called Gamrcred. “GamrCredÔäó is your ultimate rank based on how you play, what you say and the respect you earn” So congrats to the team for putting together a slick looking site. Gamrcred is going to be invite only for a while, but I might be able to get invite keys for a few people. If you are interested toss me an email at my brent@empireavenue.com address. Want to learn more about it? Check out the blog: http://blog.gamrcred.com/

  • Writing Resources

    Congratulations to On Spec for their Aurora Win!

    On Spec Magazine, which I’ve been subscribing to for many, many, years has won an Aurora Award in the Best Related Work category. The full list of all winners can be found in this article. Huge congratulations to the team at On Spec, I’ve always enjoyed reading the magazine and have discovered several great authors through it. If you haven’t ever read it before, do check it out. It can be ordered online or found in a variety of bookstores in Canada.

  • Game Reviews

    Lazy Designer Stuff

    It looks like I’ll write the third lazy designer book after all. The first two volumes have done ‘ok’, albeit not spectacular (else I wouldn’t be hanging around here on this blog, I suppose). Though I was reluctant to write the third book without meeting my sales expectations for the first two volumes I figured it made sense to start tackling this while I still *remember* my time working in the games industry. I’m worried that if I put this off too long I won’t be able to write anything relevant! I won’t start it right away though. I want to finish the rough draft of my current novel first…