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Kill it or Leave It?

The home we’ve recently moved into has this tree growing in the backyard. Short of decapitating dandelions I’m not much of a gardener but I’m a bit concerned about how close the tree is to the house. It is starting to lean a bit… pushing itself away from the house (not really obvious in the photo).

I would appreciate any suggestions in regards to what we should be doing here. Is the tree okay this close to the house? Should it be cut down? Or maybe just thinned out a bit.

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  • Amber Taylor

    Yeah – like Geoffrey said. ¬†Check out the roots and make sure they aren’t beginning to grow into the foundation (which could damage the house) and go from there. ¬†If you like the tree, leave it (but trim the branches so they don’t mess up the house¬†fascia), but not if the roots are a problem.

  • NewsMeBack

    You have to move it, but try without killing it, just move it on a better place. If you thin it it’ll just grow again, roots stay anyway. If you don’t have right place, give it to someone as a present :)

  • Drew Riggio

    One issue is that plant life this close to the house provides possible entry pathways for bugs. You can spray around the outside of the house all you want, but if they can climb over the poison and get onto a windowsill or crack in the siding, you still get bugs in the house.

  • John

    That will ruin your house if you leave it there.
    I have worked in landscape for a few years and that is actually an over grown and poorly maintained Arborvitae Bush or White Cedar (same thing) they are normally planted to give shade or for privacy. Planted that close to your house  though it will ruin your siding and possibly your foundation! If you want to save it you can try but it will probably be more work then it is worth, unless you have deer and want to have them on your land. The white cedar is a favorite of white tail deer. 

  • Catherine Donnelly

    It is gorgeous. I hope you can move it. I also agree too close to the house/foundation.

  • Emanuel

    If you love it, try to move it to another location. Otherwise cut it down… it will ruin the foundation over time.

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