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Go Away! Come Back! With Zombies!

So one of the many amazingly fun games I play with my kids is “Go Away/Come Back”.

I’m not sure if this has a more official name but the basic gameplay is that I tell my kids to go away. Then I snarl, “Come back.” Then I grab ’em. Then I let them go and say “Go away!” Repeat for hours of giggly fun or until a head injury occurs.

Well the other day I tried a new variant. I pretended to be a zombie when I tried to grab them, snarling “Brains!”. Then once I had them I became a survivor, shouting out in a desperate voice, “Flee man!”

The outcome? Well, my 4yr old played the game, though with a desperate intensity I hadn’t seen in him before (I just thought he was really getting into the game). This time when we were done though he went and sat in the corner shaking and crying and begging for his mom to come home.

Apparently I’m too scary when I pretend to be a zombie. Back to the original variant…

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