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Yesterday I wrote a bit about not writing reviews anymore. But I still definitely want to hightlight *what* I am reading and since I’m busy packing up books right now I figured I should mention some work I’ve recently read before it disappears into a cardboard void.

I had a backlog of unread On Spec Magazine issues but I’m now caught up, having read On Spec #84, #85, #86, and #87.

Some fantastic stories in these. I think issue #85 in particular may have just become my favorite On Spec issue, at least in the past few years. Though I am also partial to #87 since I have a story appearing in that.

I also read Tales of the Talisman V, Issue 3 (Winter 2009/2010 — yeah, I know, I’m behind in my reading). Some good stories and some really good stories. Worth checking out.

In Neo-Opsis 21 I particularly liked Patty Jansen’s story ‘Santiago Dawn’ but there’s other strong tales here too, with quite a range of subject matter.

I also read Tesseracts Fourteen (Tesseracts is a long-standing Canadian anthology). Some fantastic stories in here… well worth the read, especially if you enjoy weird fiction.

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