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    Lazy Designer Book 2 Rough Draft Complete

    So I have finished the rough draft for the second book in the Lazy Designer series. I’m going to take a couple days off from it and get back to some stories that have been pestering me to be written. Editing will start next week. The current length is 46 000 words. The first book was about 22 000 words. One of the main things I will be doing during editing will be trimming some of the fat from the book and reorganizing the chapters (they are too long right now and need to be subdivided). Despite the doubling in size I intend to release it at the same price…

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    Lazy Designer 2: Feedback on Tools Section

    If you have the time to review this section from my forthcoming game design book, I’d appreciate it. Basically I am looking for examples of design tools; I’ve filled in the ones I remember using but I’m sure I have missed some. Tools To assess the types of tools you will need look at similar games, either internal to your studio or games made by other studios. If those other games shipped with tools it is easier to assess their tools (though be aware that sometimes the toolset shipping with the game are not the same tools that the developers used, or might not include all the tools). If you…

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    Priced to Die

    “Why We Should Fear Ourselves More Than Pirates” So now that I’m seeing reports of SOPA and PIPA having been defeated by overwhelming negative opinion many are breathing sighs of relief. And others are cursing violently (but generally silently). Among game developers and writers, my two primary areas of interaction, opinions are mixed. Many are worried about piracy eating into their revenues. For freelance writers and indie game developers it does not take a lot of piracy to put a stranglehold on their revenue stream. Still I think there’s a larger concern than pirates for content creators. Why We Should Fear The $0.99 App and Novel One interesting thing I’ve…

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    Lazy Designer Book 2 – Progress Update

    Pleased! I have just finished up writing a section on focus testing dos and donts, which also happens to be the last section of the current chapter I’m writing for the second Lazy Designer book. This leaves one more chapter to write and then the first draft of the book is complete. After that it is goes to editing. I have also decided that the scripting section, which will be a significant part of the next chapter, will also be released as a stand-alone chapbook of sorts. More details on that later. For those who are curious I’m now estimating this second volume to be close to 40 000 words…

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    Gamifying Government, an Example of Designer Bias

    This is an excerpt from the upcoming second volume in the Lazy Designer series. In the section on deciding which type of game to make I suggested that the bias of the designer, the managers and other key stakeholders in the company, all interact to influence the game. What follows are my thoughts on how to recognize your own bias, how to use your understanding of expectations to build a better game, and how to control your own bias so it does not negatively impact the project. Basically it comes down to knowing yourself. So how do you go about doing this? You can start by looking at the games…

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    Lazy Designer

    Work is progressing well on the second volume of the Lazy Designer, my series of books on working in the videogame industry. If you have not read the first book and are curious about a career in game design check it out on Amazon. And if you want to be notified when the second book is complete I’ve added a form here.

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    Illustrators of the Future 26

    The winning art for Volume 26 of the Writers & Illustrators of the Future contest, is now available for viewing at the Writers of the Future website. One of the coolest aspects of winning the Writers of the Future contest was that each winning story received an illustration by one of the illustrators who had won the Illustrators of the Future contest. This particular piece, by Rebecca Gleason, accompanied my story ‘Digital Rights’. I was thrilled during the art unveiling when I saw this and I think it fits the story quite well. You can still purchase a copy of Writers of the Future 26.

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    Flush Fiction

    This is the sale I mentioned at the end of last year. Thrilled to have placed my flash fiction sci-fi piece ‘Proof in the Pudding’ with this latest in the Uncle John’s series of books. And you can already preorder the anthology from Amazon!.

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    Look What I Got For Christmas

    This is the starship I always wanted as a kid and now after 25+ year I finally have it. Well, kind of. Technically I bought this for myself last spring but was overruled by the Council and had to set it aside to be used as a Christmas gift for the 6yr old. So it has been an even longer wait. But now that it is open the 6yr old says that I can play with it… sometimes.