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Nanowrimo complete!

So I passed the 50 000 word target for my first Nanowrimo.
I’m pleased with my progress. I’ve been writing 3000 words or more on most weekdays (not so much on the weekends as that is family time, though I did add a few hundred words each weekend).

Though I’m pleased I’m anticipating this novel will land between 90 000 and 100 000 words so I still have a lot of work left to go. I’d like to finish this rough draft before the upcoming holidays. I think it is possible.

How is the draft going? I’m making more technical errors (spelling and whatnot) at this speed but I think the novel as a whole fits together better in first draft than my previous three novels. I’m anticipating less rewriting effort on the second draft. I’ll start revisions next year, after I clean up some stories I finished this summer.

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