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Recommended: Teamworkpm

Yep, I’ve been quiet around here. I’m in the midst of nanowrimo, striving towards writing the rough draft for novel 4 this month.

However I did want to make mention of some software that I’ve been using recently. It is a web-based task/project management tool called Teamworkpm.

What do I like about it?
It is simple to use and flexible. You can track time and add a place to upload resources to. Or you can use it simply for its tasks list (I basically ignore everything except the main task page). Because it is web based it is painless I can go to it on my iPad and add a new task when it pops into my head without needing to turn my computer or worry about synchronizing later. Probably most important for me is that it can do a full export of everything you add to it… which means I don’t have to worry about losing my data and can recreate it later if I choose to use different software.

There is also a free version for small scale use which seems sufficient for what most writers or hobbyists would probably use it for.

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