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    For those of you who are interested in such things I thought it might be worthwhile to list a variety of facts about me. Some true, some not so much. TRUE FACTS I write short stories and novels I won first place in the third quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest (2009) for my short story ‘Digital Rights‘ I have story reprints available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and the Nook I am a game design consultant with Empire Avenue, the Social Stock Market The most recent game I played was Emissary of War My first writing sale was an article on role-playing with different languages in Dragon Magazine.…

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    Still not around online much but figured I’d toss out a quick update. Hope everyone is doing well. What am I up to? – I’ve passed the halfway mark on edits to Novel#3 – I’ve finished some design projects (documentation) for Empire Avenue – My game design handbook (Lazy Designer) is almost halfway to the sales milestone I set. If it reaches the milestone I’ll get a second book written, which will go into more detail on design specializations in the videogame industry with more examples from my time with BioWare And that’s about it. What about you?

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    Editing Away

    After a quick weekend vacation to Jasper I’m back to work. I’ve had a busy day with edits to the novel and making good progress (despite a head cold). In addition to the novel editing I’ve also been reviewing the edited copy of my story ‘Touch the Dead’ (which I sold to On Spec Magazine last year). Not sure when the story will be available but I am looking forward to seeing it in print. I’m always impressed by the improvements the editor makes when going over my story. Lot of little changes that ultimately make the story a much better read. I’ll let you all know when the issue…

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    Hit the 1/3 mark on revisions to the novel. As usual I’m making more changes than I originally intended… but they are good changes, definite improvements over the first draft. Mostly plot logic stuff and improving the flow of individual scenes. As well a couple supporting characters are getting makeovers becoming, in my opinion, a little more authentic and a lot more interesting. I’m a tad worried that I’m adding too many words but since I was under-budget on the first draft I think I’ll be okay. We’ll see.

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    So I’ve come to recognize that I wear many hats. I’m a retired game designer, a writer, a software developer, and a consultant. I also blog and I’m (somewhat) active on various social media sites. While wearing the vast majority of my hats I truly want to encourage others to connect with me. I enjoy talking about writing, or engaging with other users on Empire Avenue, or passing on game design advice. However many people seem interested in only one thing: for me to talk about my time at BioWare! Again, I like taking my experiences and generalizing them to pull out useful bits of game design advice. And in…

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    For those of you who have purchased a copy of my Lazy Designer game design handbook I’d like to encourage you to check out some of my fiction as well. I have numerous short story reprints available. I’m offering a free copy of any of my stories for those of you that have purchased a copy of the Lazy Designer! Just send an e-mail to me with the story of your choice and the e-mail address associated with your Amazon account (I need that so that I can gift the story to you). Want to know which stories are available? Just check out my Amazon profile. p.s. the same offer…