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Halfway to Three

This week has been productive writing wise… I just passed the halfway point on my third novel (first draft). If I keep an aggressive schedule I”ll finish the rough draft by early July. Then I’ll spend a month or so reviewing it (while preparing for the fourth novel) and then start in on a revision draft. So it looks like I should be able to start submitting it in early fall.

I’ve also done a bit of a course correction. I had almost finished planning the next novel but I’m going to save that planning for later and instead the fourth novel will be a novel set in the world of Wanderer… covering part of the span of time between The Prophet and The End of the Road.

I’m excited to finally be giving myself permission to play again in this universe. To be honest I’m motivated to return to it because of all the fabulous feedback I’ve been receiving on the two short stories. I have notebooks full of planning notes for the Wanderer universe and I’m fairly certain there’s at least two novels of content there. I’ll keep you up to date as things progress.

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