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    This post is just a test of my using the iPad for posting blog content over the summer. Plan to do a bit of traveling so I wanted to make sure this will work. Any tips from some of the more experienced connected-travellers out there? Also, just so this post has some content, have you read the recent article about Team Bondi and their ‘hostile and brutal’ dev environment? Video games may be fun to play but they can be brutal to build. Long hours lead to frustration which often as not leads to hostile altercations.

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    Four more chapters to go

    Trying to finish the first draft of Novel #3 before vacation starts, hence my silence here. Four more chapters and it will be finished. After that it will be a month of reading it through and making adjustment notes, then another month or so of rewrites. I’m also digging through my archives and preparing several new Lazy Designer articles. So rest assured, there will be content here again.

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    Recent Reads

    A Thousand Faces #11 This was my contributors copy in which the reprint of my story “A Ragman’s Vow” appeared. Several strong stories of superheroes and villains fill the issue and it was a good read. If you are interested in examining the life of the superhero in more depth, it is worth checking out this magazine. Many of the stories are also available to read for free on their website. Across the Universe This novel fell more in the ‘reading for research’ category as I was looking for something geared towards young adult but in the sci-fi genre. This was an okay read but I can’t say it overly…

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    Year of the Mountain Lion

    ‘Year of the Mountain Lion’ by Maria E. Schneider, the latest Darwin Evolution’s story release, is available now. An alternate American southwest wherein legends are both real and unreal, curses true and false, and a young woman betrayed finds herself the object of a hunt by the very tribe who cast her out into the desert to die. Prepare yourselves for the challenges and triumphs of the Year of the Mountain Lion. Available on Amazon or Evolution’s new online store.

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    The Lazy Designer

    I realize that most of my blog post have been writing related of late and to rectify that I’m going to try to focus, for July, mostly on Lazy Designer ‘video game’ content. I have several half-written articles and will try to finish as many as feasible. There will be a bit of writing news during that time but mostly game design stuff, if all goes to plan. So if you’ve been hanging around here waiting for some more game design insight, it is just around the corner. If there’s specific topics you would like covered, leave a comment here and I’ll dig through my notes and see if I…

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    Jakob Drud’s Big-T

    I mentioned earlier that I’ve sold a story to the newly returned ‘Darwin’s Evolutions‘. This magazine has changed its distribution model… instead of just displaying the stories on its website it is packaging them for all the various eBook readers (Kindle et cetera). The stories will be released individually and each story will also receive its own artwork! The first story is now available and it is Jakob Drud’s “Big-T”. Here is the link to it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Big-T-ebook/dp/B0055T3EFE/

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