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Stories and Amazon Sales

So something strange happened this week… one of my stories was priced ‘free’ on Amazon (I mentioned it briefly last post).

So far my publishing short story reprints to AmazonSmashwordsAnthologyBuilder has been mostly an experiment in ePublishing, testing the waters so to speak.

Sales have been far from brisk :)

But with ‘The Prophet‘ being free several thousand readers downloaded it in the span of a few days. And in those same two days I’ve had more sales of other stories than in the couple years I’ve been on Amazon.

No, please, don’t be too happy for me. The sales are still rather puny and I wouldn’t be quitting my day job over them (not that I have a day job).

Now what I’m trying to do is figure out why particular stories sold rather than others because only two of my half dozen or so stories online are actually selling. The two titles benefiting from the ‘The Prophet’ are ‘Digital Rights’ (my Writers of the Future winning story) and ‘The End of the Road’ a second story featuring the character of Wanderer from the ‘The Prophet’.

Digital Rights‘ – As mentioned previously this story won a spot in the Writers of the Future Contest *and* it has a kind review from Krista D Ball. So I’m thinking those two facts might be influencing why readers reading the free story are heading that way.

The End of the Road‘ – I’d like to think that the reason readers are downloading this story (despite a lack of reviews) is that it is a continuation of the story started in the ‘The Prophet’.

So these seem reasonable guesses as to why some are being picked by readers and others are not. I’ll continue to do more experiments and let you know and if you have any thoughts, please throw them my way.

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