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Mama, We are Zhenya, Your Son

The online magazine Lightspeed has recently posted fellow Writers of the Future winner Tom Crosshill’s fascinating story “Mama, We are Zhenya, Your Son”. The story is free to read so please head over there and leave Tom some comments.

Giveaway – Matthew Hughes

Like free books? Check out the details on Matthew Hughes website if you are interested in a free copy of his urban fantasy novel ‘The Damned Busters’. The first 25 who email him and ask for a copy of the novel and promise to blog about it will be sent a review copy. Check out […]

Read This Week

Finished reading Murky Depths #11. Always a good magazine… loads of artwork throughout complementing the superb stories. My favorite story this time around is probably ‘Heart of Clay’ by DK Thompson… I really enjoy the writer’s weird world of ghost detectives and golems.

Sometimes Distance is a Good Thing

In between finishing Novel #2 and then editing it I took a month or so off novel stuff and wrote several stories. One story, the longest, wasn’t able to be polished enough that I felt comfortable submitting it before I started in on the novel edits (the other stories are all out there wandering the […]

Where should I move?

Ick. This is what today in Edmonton looks like. I’ve decided to move but haven’t decided where. I want shorter winters with less snow and cold. Preferably Alberta or British Columbia but I am open to any suggestions.

After the War Ends…

When the conflict ends some Autobots find new meaning in their lives.

Game Music

Okay this is a kind of a random post but I’m weary from work on the novel and need a diversion. Are there game soundtracks that have really stuck in your head over the years, music that throws you right back into whatever situation you were in when you first played the game? For me […]

Read this Week

I finished On Spec #83 this week. Thoroughly entertaining issue and with a cool creepy cover by Eric Orchard. Most of the stories in this issue were rather bizarre and creative. I think this is one of my favorite issues in quite a long time, many of the stories are sticking with me after reading […]

Read Again: On Spec #81

I don’t often reread anything because I have such a back log of unread books and stories but one story has been stuck in my head for a while and I checked it out again. The issue is On Spec #81 and the story is Greg Wilson’s Still. I mentioned it a while back. Anyways […]

Edmonton in April

Yeah, I have nothing useful to post today so this is my backyard. In April.