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Dragon Age 2

So I’m getting a bit more traffic than usual to this little blog and figured I’d give a bit of a shout out to those of you coming here curious about me, BioWare, Dragon Age, and Dragon Age 2.


I haven’t played the Dragon Age 2 demo yet so I can’t really comment on it. I do appreciate the comments you have been giving me — there’s some great threads on several of the pages with people’s opinions on the gameplay and whatnot. I will put up my own here in a post once I’ve played it which should be this weekend if I can find some time.

I really should emphasize a point I’ve made in my posts about why I left BioWare however:

I never thought Dragon Age 2 would be a terrible game. It was just that a highly cinematic, action-leaning RPG wasn’t what I wanted to work on. That is all.

With that said I’d like to invite any newcomers to this blog to join Empire Avenue, the company I am currently doing consulting work for.

When you join please post a shout out on my wall something along the lines of ‘Your blog told me to come here. So I did.’ and I’ll buy 200 shares in you.

What is Empire Avenue? Its a fun place to hang out and you can ask me all sorts of questions I’d never answer here on the blog.*

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* You might have to bribe me however.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.


  • Brian

    I am still planning on once I finish Dragon age 2 doing a little post on my thoughts As you asked before. But I did end up buying it though and since been playing it the last couple of days. Current things I can comment on though one thing I have always enjoyed in games is the ability for modders to mod the game Plenty things can be tweaked in the way the player would want.

    Some mods for games like oblivion change the entire game or do huge bug fixes oblivion right now has a unofficial patch that fixes something like 8000 bugs. That is pretty bad how many that fans had to fix. But at least they had the tools to fix it I recently read a post saying Dragon age 2 wont be getting mod tools and that is a large disappointment for me more then any thing else I think. As I am a huge fan of them how they had to your time in a game.

    I think the only thing that has made me think of this I been running into a few bugs http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014666614/screenshots/ can see some shots in game for those concerned there should not be any real spoilers in those screen shots. I know every game in existence has released with bugs. It just matters how much they support it afterwords that matters.

    I did join that Empire Avenue and it is a bit confusing. Currently trying to find what is supposed to be done on it.

  • Brent Knowles

    re: Empire Avenue

    You can ‘play’ Empire as a game (i.e., buying and selling people to increase profits) or as a social network (you can meet people you wouldn’t really stumble upon on other networks… i.e., David Brin, author of the Postman is on it and will probably talk to you if you buy shares in him) or you can do a blend of both.

    Its more fun if you join an active community (take a look at the leaderboards) and if you bring people in you know… some people have their friends join and then they all create their own community and try to beat the other communities in terms of value.

    Or you could join my Robot Minions community and chat with some people who knew me back in High School. I’m sure they have some embarrassing stories to tell…

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