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Digital Rights… free for a limited time

To help readers with their Aurora Award nominations I’ve uploaded my Writers of the Future winning story ‘Digital Rights’ to Smashwords.


Izzy’s new job aboard a solar station orbiting Earth becomes more complicated when she begins receiving cryptic messages from a ghost.

And if you use coupon HB67G on checkout you can have the story for free.

If you enjoy ‘Digital Rights’ please consider nominating it for an Aurora award. Nominations are free and the deadline for them is April 30 2011. Not coincidentally that is also the day the coupon expires :)


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– Brent

p.s. I’ll be putting the story up on Amazon later today too (for Kindle users) but I can’t give it away for free through Amazon. I do think you can download a kindle version from Smashwords though and upload it to your Kindle but since I don’t own a Kindle I can’t guarantee that. This site describes how to do it though.

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