Monthly Archives: January 2011

Silver by Steven Savile

One of the highlights of the Writers of the Future award-week I attended last August was meeting Steven Savile. As a past winner of the contest (who has many novels published now) he was there to chat with us about his experiences in the publishing industry. He also gave each of us a copy of […]

Short story sale – Summer Lover

I tweeted about this a couple days ago… my short story Summer Lover has been accepted by Shroud, a fine horror magazine that I’ve been trying to get into for a while. What is this story about? I’m not telling you! Go buy the magazine when its available. Jeesh. It is slated to appear in […]


I’ve created a newsletter. This is primarily for those who are interested in what is going on with my writing, or for the occasional game designer tidbit, and don’t visit this website regularly. Messages will be infrequent, maybe one every couple weeks or so, and will generally be a summary of my more important blog […]

Guess What I am Doing Today?

See you in a couple hours…

Self Publishing – Joe Konrath

Been doing a lot of catch up reading over at Joe Konrath’s blog. In case you don’t know he has had tremendous success selling his novels on his own. For years he counseled writers not to self-publish but recently he has changed his stance on this. Very interesting is one mock question and answer he […]

Sifteo Early Access Program

Sifteo is pre-selling test units of their Sifteo blocks. I was about to shell out the money for this but unfortunately they only ship to the United States. If you like new tech and live in the States go check their site out and if you get the blocks let me know what you think […]

The Tale of Lady Spite

My fantasy story “The Tale of Lady Spite” which was originally published last year in Tales of the Talisman is now available at AnthologyBuilder!

Locus Award Index

If you are looking for information on which writers have won what awards, Locus Online has a cool index. Sort of stumbled across it while ego surfing… this link brings you to the page with my name in the list for Digital Rights (Writers of the Future). The index itself is a great resource if […]