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Been a while since I’ve added a ‘read this week’ post…

Tanya Huff – The Enchantment Emporium. I enjoyed this urban fantasy and its fun and quirky cast of characters and bizarre take on magic. This is the first Tanya Huff novel I’ve read and has me eager to read her other work.
On Spec #81. Strong issue, enjoyed all the stories. My favorite though is ‘Still’ by Greg Wilson, which is a very powerful tale of a puppet that has been mistreated… I don’t want to spoil what the story is really about so I won’t say more… just go and read it. I also really liked Marie Brennan’s take on the Peter Pan ‘world’ with her story ‘The Last Wendy’.

I’m also reading back issues of Analog in my iPad and am almost finished issue #10 of Murky Depths. And now that I have additional copies of the Writers of the Future 26 I promise to read my fellow winner’s stories… soon’ish.

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