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Last week the social network Empire Avenue added a new feature highlighting other users on the site that you might be interested in following or buying shares in. I’m really liking this new feature.

It has been several weeks since my last Empire Avenue post but I’ve still been active on the site though maybe not as active as before (mostly because I’ve been getting better at staying of focused on writing — sorry Internets). But my gameplay on Empire Avenue has also changed, I’m mostly spending my dividends on established stocks, trying to increase my nightly dividends.

And I had stopped buying newcomers to the site.

Originally I spent a fair amount of time engaging with newcomers, buying shares in them and offering advice but I haven’t done that in quite a while. Again this is mostly due to constraints on my time but I think a little of it had to do with some ‘fixes’ the Empire Avenue team put in to stop experienced players ruining newcomer’s experience — mass buying and selling. I was never exploiting other players but I did make use of the mass buy as a ‘hello’ to newcomers. Once that disappeared I stopped buying them.

But now with the recommended buys features added I feel I can engage with users I would not normally have noticed before. The algorithm used appears to match my interests with their interests and I’ve been having lots of fun scrolling through the recommended buys looking for users that have interesting content and/or might be potential readers of my writing.

The first day the feature was unrolled I spent 15000+ eaves in a few minutes on the recommended buys… mostly people I had never invested in (or noticed) before. I definitely feel the feature has given me a bit of a boost, in regards to playing the ‘Ave again. Check it out.

Also, if you are only interested in my Empire Avenue posts (and I have several old ones) you can find them listed at http://blog.brentknowles.com/tag/empire-avenue/

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