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    Read This Week

    Been a while since I’ve added a ‘read this week’ post… – Tanya Huff – The Enchantment Emporium. I enjoyed this urban fantasy and its fun and quirky cast of characters and bizarre take on magic. This is the first Tanya Huff novel I’ve read and has me eager to read her other work. – On Spec #81. Strong issue, enjoyed all the stories. My favorite though is ‘Still’ by Greg Wilson, which is a very powerful tale of a puppet that has been mistreated… I don’t want to spoil what the story is really about so I won’t say more… just go and read it. I also really liked…

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    Writers of the Future ‘gear’ has arrived

    A couple days late to be used as props for my Writers of the Future panel at Pure Speculation but I am glad to have finally received my extra copies of Writers of the Future 26, the trophy, and most importantly the framed print with Rebecca Gleason’s illustration for my story ‘Digital Rights’. For those who don’t know one of the perks for the writer winners of the contest is that each story receives an illustration from one of the illustrator winners… the writers don’t see the illustration until an unveiling at the end of the writing workshop week. And the writer gets to keep the illustration! Eventually there will…

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    Pure Speculation

    Pure Speculation 2010 wrapped up yesterday. A great event, the panels I attended were all interesting, well worth the time. Friday night watched a reading (written by Virginia O’Dine) based on Robert J. Sawyer’s novel Rollback and that was quite entertaining. On Saturday Robert J. Sawyer and Tanya Huff discussed their different experiences having their novels turned into television series. I also attended Robert’s reading (the second of his I’ve been to, the last was at the Pure Speculation Festival a couple years ago) and had him sign my copy of his novel Wake*. I also got to watch an entertaining interview with Tanya Huff, where she discussed her novel…

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    Everything you need to know about Brent (not really)

    I’m heading off to the Pure Speculation conference for the weekend. This is an orientation for those who are stumbling onto my website for the first time: 1. Me! Me! Me! I have a page for my current bio and another listing my published stories which has links to where my stories can be found 2. Game Design. For those interested in my seedy past as a video game designer with BioWare I have several online articles about game design 3. Empire Avenue. I also occasionally blog about Empire Avenue, a social networking site where you can buy and sell people. If you are in the Edmonton area this weekend…

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    Empire Avenue – Recommended Influencers

    Last week the social network Empire Avenue added a new feature highlighting other users on the site that you might be interested in following or buying shares in. I’m really liking this new feature. It has been several weeks since my last Empire Avenue post but I’ve still been active on the site though maybe not as active as before (mostly because I’ve been getting better at staying of focused on writing — sorry Internets). But my gameplay on Empire Avenue has also changed, I’m mostly spending my dividends on established stocks, trying to increase my nightly dividends. And I had stopped buying newcomers to the site. Originally I spent…

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    Project Healing Waters

    Through some folks I’ve met on Empire Avenue I’ve learned of “Project Healing Waters / Trout Unlimited Edmonton Dinner & Auction” From their website: Your support of the 2010 Northern Lights Auction and Dinner supports the Cold Water Conservation initiatives of Trout Unlimited Edmonton Chapter in addition to providing the dedicated funding necessary to provide the Healing Waters program to our clients. PHWFFC clients are comprised of Canadian Forces Soldiers as well as civilians who are suffering severe physical injury or Post Traumatic Stress and are looking for alternative methods for rehabilitation. I can’t attend as this coincides with the Pure Speculation convention but I thought I’d post this in…

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    A Ragman’s Vow now available on AnthologyBuilder

    My story “A Ragman’s Vow” which originally appeared in On Spec a few years ago (and then later reprinted in A Thousand Faces) is now available on AnthologyBuilder. This story is definitely one of my favorites and has been reviewed quite favorably (including a mention from Rich Horton). I now have four stories on AnthologyBuilder — John’s List, His Island, and The End of the Road are the others. What is “A Ragman’s Vow” about? Dan is the creator of a comic book series featuring Ragman, a dark superhero… real life and fantasy merge when Dan tries to find his missing wife.

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    Emancipated Worlds Saga

    I’d like to draw your attention to Brad R. Torgersen, a fellow winner of the Writers of the Future Contest. He has started posting his military sci-fi novel to his blog, with new chapters added weekly. Check it out and if you like what you read go pick up the November issue of Analog with his story “Outbound” in it.